The Burlington Hill Truth 2013


Below are pictures that represent just a few men that had worked on Burlington Hill over the past 13 years. Moving, blasting, chipping, excavating, hauling over (100) hundreds of thousands of yards of rock from the mountain (to build the roads into the development). In addition to the roads into the development, were blasting, chipping, excavating, hauling over (100) hundreds of thousands of yards of rock from the mountain, for the building of residential foundations being constructed in the Burlington Hill development (some of the excavation depths were over 30 ft).

What is an unfortunate fact, is that 13 years later, the discovery of a type of rock, that when blasted,chipped, excavated, and hauled away, could have potentially expose the men and their families to a deadly cancer-causing agent, that can prove deadly if it's breathed in. The rock is called "Actinolite", a form of Asbestos. In other words, everyone exposed to Burlington Hill, may have inadvertently been given a death sentence, thanks impart to a handful of incompetent, government officials that had taken a oath to protect the men and their families, but had obviously fail to do their job, due impart to a financial agenda.
What is factual in 2013, is that contractors,and homeowners, never knew when they worked on Burlington Hill, or purchased a home on Burlington Hill, about the Asbestos,or that the so called "Old Quarry" was a mining operation for nearly 30 years. According to the city government, they didn't know. How do we know this, because when a City of Burlington official, was asked in a deposition recently, "did you know about the Asbestos on Burlington Hill, or that the "Old Quarry" was a mining operation?" they answered "no". This writer finds that very difficult to believe in light of the available data in the 21st century.

In looking back at 3 of the original 12 man crew members, that develop Burlington Hill, I would bet if given the current information about the Hill, to Dale Crumbie (dozer operator), Lyle "Dub" Preston (dozer operator), and Gary Syrie (truck driver/mechanic) that they would have past on working in an unsafe environment, I guess we will never know, since they have all past away.